Ethno-Environmental Management Plan for the Sete de Setembro Indigenous Land

The Plan was created to address issues related to the survival of the Paiter indigenous society, seeking to experiment and discover ways to meet their current demands, preparing them in this process to meet future demands in an integral, autonomous and sustainable manner. The management plan and result of ethno-environmental diagnosis together with ethno-zoning;

Diagnosis and Management Plan carried out with the participation of all clans and communities. As the basis of the Plan is the strengthening of the Autonomy of the Paiter Suruí People and the internal organization with a Governance System based on the tradition of the Paiter Suruí with the participatory planning of the Paiter Suruí People, through this, several Subprograms were created, which are:

Environmental protection and conservation of the territory; Environmental sustainability; Culture; Food security; Cheers; Education; Housing; Means and means of transport; Strengthening of Paiter Suruí Organizations;

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