The Paiter Suruí People, through this, come to expose the current situation of the community in the phase of the coronavirus. The first victim of the pandemic was the indigenous leader Paiter IABIBI SURUI, on the 24th of August, still in LUTO the Paiter People has yet another irreparable loss of RENATO LABIWAY SURUI, on the 28th of August, Indigenous teacher and leader who sought our rights in the indigenous education. The third victim occurred on August 31, Unfortunately the Paiter people lose another member of our family YABALAPIXI FABIO SURUÍ. This situation is not an isolated fact from the Paiter Suruí people, since several indigenous communities in the state of Rondônia and Brazil are in the same situation.

Despite the serious situation of the Suruí People, urgent measures have not yet been taken to contain the virus within the communities and the severely ill indigenous people who are at risk of death have not yet been transferred to the ICU due to the lack of beds. each village remains in isolation, without any activities that compromise the lives of our elders and family members and this will only be possible if basic food is available for families to remain in isolation, we ask for the help of everyone who is able to help, simple sharing of these messages would help us a lot.

Renato Labiway Surui, in memorial.


Due to the New Coronavirus pandemic, the situation of indigenous peoples, which was already very difficult, became even worse. Many villages depend on the sale of their products (flour, nuts, coffee, handicrafts, etc.), and this trade has been hampered or, in most cases, completely stopped. It is worth remembering that the immune system of the indigenous people is different from other populations because their bodies were not or are used to many diseases. To make matters worse, in most cases, access to health care is more difficult for the people of the forest, who historically have been slaughtered by previously unknown diseases and are now at risk of genocide.

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