Our leaders

The faces of our organization

General coordinator

Focused on development and with experience and integrity, Rubens Naraikoe Surui graduated in Law. He is the president and head of the Metareilá association.

Director of Operations

Experienced in the fight for indigenous rights, promoting the defense of the environment and culture. These are just a few of the ways that co-workers describe this invaluable member of our team. It is truly a joy to be around Almir.

Communications Director

Ubiratan is one of the most dedicated members of our team. Always active in field activities, taking photos and videos, sharing and creating ideas for the best development of their people.

Forest Engineer

At the head of our organization are professionals with years of experience and skills helping us to grow and succeed.

Environmental engineer

With a focus on Sustainable development, Oyexiener joined the Metareila Association team with a strong desire to improve our work.


Acting in the association Metareilá DES 2010, always showing efficiency in his performance, graduated in administration has always contributed to the objectives of our institution.

Rua: Geraldo Cardoso Campos, 4343 - Josino Brito, Cacoal - RO, 76961-496, Brazil

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